Now feels like a good time to tell you everything. 

I’ll come right out with it. 

The Bickett Blvd lease is up May 31st and I have decided to not renew it. What? Emily, have you lost your mind? You’re living the dream. 

Oh friends. So this is where there is more to the story. You might have known that I felt overwhelmed… while everything was going great on paper, I was running on fumes and needed to restructure life so that I could breathe again. Bickett was the perfect solution. Top winning factors included the size (smaller and easier to manage), the price (so much cheaper!), and the location (not in the middle of crazy construction).  


What I found was, when I was open only one weekend a month, everything changed. Picking was fun. Running around the shop was fun. Instagram was fun. It was all FUN! 

And then the craziest thing happened. 

I started feeling inspired. My creative juices started going. And… the real kicker… new dreams started coming to my mind and my heart. They started burning brighter and stronger. At this same time, online and social media sales really started to increase. Like, a lot. (that is allllllll you! THANK YOU!)

So with new ideas, a pocket full of sunshine, and a heart so incredibly full of gratitude, I’m off. It’s time to chase new dreams!

Sort of. I’m still going to sell online and on instagram. So I’m not going to be GONE, I’m just going to be… different. You’ll never know what it’s meant to have you stick with me this far, and I hope you’ll continue the journey with me.

(the shop will still be OPEN April 27th-28th and May 18th-19th)

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 1.27.56 PM.png


APRIL 27-28

may 18-19




And always by appointment or through instagram!