Glass + Brass = Sass

Now that we've had a few snows, I'm ready for winter to end. It's not like Raleigh has earth-shattering blizzards, but we are most definitely Southern so we don't cope well with the white stuff. I mean, those of us from here don't cope well. We have become a bit of a melting pot lately. Ahem, I digress.

The point is... it's time to brighten things up a bit! Light and bright! I present you with some glass and brass concoctions to help brush off your winter blues. In a minute, go check out my shop page for the console table and the coffee table... for now, here are some sweet ideas:



If you like the lines of a glass + brass table, but the brass just won't do for you.. consider spray paint your friend! I have had raging success in spray painting brass lamps, but check out what this girlie did with a cool table...

Come and get your tables! Be sure to send pictures so we can see how fabulously they compliment your space!