Vintage Drexel goes a little wild

Simple lines. Caned back. Green/gold/brown woven plaid. That is what I threw in the back of the car when I picked up this chair. Maybe I do have ESP... maybe I can hear the souls of furniture calling me, begging for revamping?

Yeah. Let's go with that.

I just KNEW that this chair wanted out of its gross skin. Also, side note, this was when I thought I would teach myself to upholster furniture. As far as upholstering goes, this was an easy project... but oh how I have come to haaaaate upholstering! Need somebody? Ask me. I work with tons of great upholsterers and can pass along my trade-discount.

Anyway. Back to the chair. I found some punchy fabric, busted out my pliers, and had a field day. In the middle of ripping this baby apart, I found that both the seat and back cushions were HAND SIGNED and do you know what they said? Drexel!!! DREXEL!!! This nasty lil thang!!! See? Told ya. I have special powers. I can sniff out the winners!

Here's my new chair and some idea pics... click on over to the shop for more information!

photo 3(2).JPG