random encounters of the artsy kind

I love when you're minding your own business and life surprises you. I find these moments to be most inspiring... like, if this is what happens when I am not trying hard, what excellence will happen when I put in a little effort? And sometimes you need a reminder that, oh yeah, big things can happen. Big things DO happen.

Saturday afternoon, Cindy and I were talking about our upcoming warehouse sale (March 8 from 9am-2pm, b-t-dubs), when a big white suburban drove by. "Y'all having a sale?" Almost. Enter this woman, the driver. We traded cards and native Raleigh-ite stories and went on with our day.

It turns out the driver-slash-artist, Leslie, is a pretty big deal. Her art is everywhere and it's pretty. It's one thing to be popular, but to be pretty and popular... now that's winning. I love, love, love meeting other creatives. It's almost like a form freaky nature happens - their artsy vibes meet my artsy vibes somewhere in the atmosphere and all of my senses are a little sharper and I get FIRED UP about life.

Here are some of my favorites from Leslie (all images courtesy of www.lesliepruneau.com)


Neat, right?