before and after: dresser

I always buy pieces that look horrible because I think "Oh it will be nothing to hit it with some paint!" And then half way through the painting process I think "Oh this is torture! Painting furniture is surely a job they give you in hell!" Dramatic, but true.

A few weeks ago, this guy jumped into the car.

photo 1.PNG

He was, shall we say, well loved in his previous life. I could not ignore the lines, the fabulous hardware, the detail on the drawers.

And the little voice... "Oh just hit it with some paint!"

So I painted it, and it sucked. And my brother came home for a visit, so I made him help me paint, which sucked less. And then it was finished...

photo 2(7).JPG

Dang, Gina. That's mighty fine.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend? Painting more furniture, obviously.