one room challenge

Ed note: On April 10, the day after this entry posted, I decided to officially jump in and link up and do this like I mean it. Be sure to visit Calling It Home to see what the madness is all about by clicking here.

Original post: So I don't know the rules and I don't really want to know the rules because I don't need the extra stress, but ever the classic type-a-designer... I can't say no.

Everyone else is doing it.

And I've been verrrrrry slowly kicking the tires with a new look for the bedroom. Just last week I found the MOST BEAUTIFUL PAINT BY NUMBERS of ALL TIME. I'm not really behind, since it just started, but I also don't want to officially participate because I'd like the option to fail. Or at least just drop out.

That's right. I'm talking about the One Room Challenge that is blowing up everywhere. I'm not really doing this for real (or am I?).

Here's where we begin...

This is my bedroom. The suite is Broyhill Fontana (who DIDN'T have that in the 90s?). The paisley duvet is Pottery Barn from 2002 (lusted over it in college and bought it on clearance, thank you). The teacup on the sewing table/night stand belonged to my great grandmother, and it is on top of an Emily Post book and one of my very first antique store treasures: an antique copy of Black Beauty. The lamp! OH THE LAMP. I found it on a cold November day in 2004. I needed a lamp to coordinate with the room. It's so ugly and so random that I simply ADORE it (the base is minty green and the shade is goldenrod with maple leaves). I will ALWAYS have it, even if it's in a closet. The paint color is Fairmont Penthouse Stone (when Valspar was American Tradition). It's the perfect mossy green/gray. You only see a corner of the room, but that's basically all there is.

What am I changing? Bedding. Lamp. I only have one nightstand, so I will add another. Art. Headboard. Window treatments. And I'm open to however else the Lord leads. Ha! That's a designer's secret tip for ya.

Welp. Here it goes!