summer soiree

Today is sunny, almost no humidity, and 75.. borderline chilly, but perfect for all things al fresco. And it's Thursday, which means I'm ready to take this week and shove it!

My absolute favorite new place to eat is Salt + Lime. They call themselves a Cabo Grill, and while they are Mexicanish, they are not Mexican. They're truly Cabo. All of their margaritas are holy yum (of the most dangerously delicious variety), but so far (and I've only tried three), my favorite is the Blood Orange Margarita.

I've been dying to recreate this cocktail! Maybe this weekend I will try some recipes... like this one, or this one, or this one. Since I don't have cable, I find myself watching a lot of Live Well Network (cheesy but it's kinda good). Everything Rick Bayless makes looks so amazing, so I bet his margs do not disappoint. Who wants to taste test?

ANYWAY. Here are some bright and colorful things I'm crushing on to get us in the mood for summer.