Batches and Patches

Happy Monday, world! Did everyone have a good weekend?

I had the best of intentions with picking, but wasn't uber successful. You just never know how it will go! Here's my little batch of finds (and it took me forever to figure out how to blur the mirror... learning PS by mashing buttons as you go makes for sloooooow lessons!!! I know, it's hilarious.)

If you've been following my summer shenanigans on Instagram, you may have seen that after 18 years, I am suddenly wildly allergic to make up. Or something on my eyes that happens when I wear make up. This week, I'm gearing up for a patch test. AH! When I scheduled the appointments (one on Monday, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday), I asked the lady if I could bathe. She said "Um, it's limited." LIMITED?! What does that mean? I sometimes take two showers a day. This could be a long week. And it's going to be a hot week, too. Not a good week to be dirty!

I'll be walking around like...

source: google

source: google