New Year, New Look!

If you're like me, your brain never turns off. You are never bored because there are always 15 things that need to be done (#1 on the list: taxes, but I'm ignoring them for more fun things... more on that later).

It can be any hour of the day or night and my little wheels are turning. Usually it has something to do with work - either school stuff or emily co stuff. Saturday night it hit me hard.

It was time to paint booth deux. When I first moved in to booth deux, I considered it storage. I didn't put myself out there with a design plan. I didn't invest much time in dolling it up. That was October, and while sales weren't bad... well, there is always more you can do. Since I didn't really fully commit to giving booth deux my best, how could I expect it to show up for me? You get out of something what you put into it. Come on, Emily! Luckily, one thing I have in excess is PAINT. And there was a gallon of beautiful bright green paint just waiting for such a time as this.

Now I will bombard you with befores and afters.

The before certainly wasn't bad... but just look at what paint can do! Suddenly everything POPS! Try a coat of paint in a room at home. If you're a nervous Nelly, it can be the powder room. Yay, color!