Things I Love

Well, the piece I was going to paint (from the last post) fell over and shattered... so the painting project is on hold for a bit. Sad! But there's something even better out there. My eyes are peeled.


I am a woman.

I am not married. (this is going somewhere, promise)

I am crazy. (in only the best way)

And there are certain kinds of crazy that non-married women should hide. It's one thing to think of names for your unborn, someday children. It's another thing to hoard items to decorate a nursery. It's specifically unwise to collect gender-specific things. 

But if! If I were to indulge my crazy... or if I were to lasso J and we had nuggets... I would immediately put these ducks on a baby boy's nursery wall. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm so obsessed. Someone who is having a baby boy, please go get these. And send me a picture of your nursery. I swear. 

Toldja. I'm whackadoo. But I own it!

On to other, non cray cray ramblings. Check out this weekend's new additions!