Big news... like, huge

If you've been following me on social media (and there's a good chance you have, otherwise I have no idea how you'd end up here - but welcome), you might have noticed I've been oddly excited and with lots of #comingsoon. Or #emilyandco when I used to just say #emilyco (rebranding!). Or you might have even noticed that there is a ton of stuff I'm posting that never seems to make it to the booth.


That is because...

I'm doing it. I'm opening a shop. Like, a real one. Like, my own thing. Like, NOT a sketchy garage behind a shopping center... but an actual shop with a legit address in a hopping part of town.

Here it is!

Here it is!

Now, before you go getting too excited... it's still a few weeks away. The current tenant (who is awesome) has to move out and they've got to do a little bit of work to make the space fit my needs. But! IT IS COMING!!!

Why is this a particularly interesting spot? A little over two years ago when I needed to grow my business past a 300sf sketchy garage, I moved into The Warehouse at 1107 Capital. It was lovely and I so enjoyed my time there! The Warehouse girls are moving to their new home on Wake Forest Road. The sign shop currently in my new home is moving to where The Warehouse was (1107 Capital). And I'm moving to the sign shop's space... so it's like a big old circle of life!!! 

Yes, this town is that small. You think it's not, but I swear we are all connected.

Keep watching on Instagram, Facebook, and here... I'll keep you posted on my progress! The grand official launch will be after Labor Day, but if I'm ready to open sooner... then that will absolutely happen.

My new address - but not yet - is 527 Hillsborough Street, on the edge of downtown Raleigh.