google yourself

The other day I googled myself to see what popped up. It's a healthy practice every now and then. Then I googled "Emily & Co Raleigh" just out of curiosity. All good things on the google. Past my name and this website was something about Emily Raleigh. At first I didn't really care, but then I realized there was a lot about her. Who dis? 

I clicked on this link and read an interview with her. While the interview seemed to be geared more to college kids, there were some really great motivational nuggets. Things like...

I try very hard to simply not think about how much is on my plate and just get it done. I make a to do list... As far as balancing is concerned, I color code everything in my agenda book and when I’m planning out my week, I look to make sure that all of the colors are even throughout the pages, and that’s how I know I’m balancing everything.

Eureka. I'm pretty sure if I colored my planner, everything would be the same color. NOTE TO SELF... make it a rainbow.

I think if you don’t have days where you doubt everything that you are, you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. 

So reassuring. But of course we don't let our doubts STOP us. We just let them float on by while we do what we do.

Someone becomes Fit to Lead when they actively participate in the daily creation of their own reality.

Bazinga! Get out there, my girls!

And then I continued to click all around She's Fit to Lead and TOTALLY wasted a chunk of my afternoon. But it was a delicious derailment. So inspired! If you're looking to get a happy kick in the pants so you can be the best you can be, check them out. Definitely a new fave :)