refreshed & ready to go

Last week, I cleaned the house (ok mainly the bathrooms, because the rest of the house is too full of furniture and stuff for the shop) before the weekend. Once the weekend hit, I could focus on shop stuff and RELAXING.

TBH, relaxing doesn't happen much anymore.

Sunday, this one and I went to the beach. We are only two hours away, so packing a cooler and escaping for a minute is totally doable. You just have to do it. Admittedly, we talked a LOT about business. Her business, my business, goals, ideas, dreams, and all of that good stuff. With a refreshing bevy and waves in the background, it was the most recharging afternoon.

I'm happy to report that the ming coffee table is still popping up! Check out this one that PKL will be lacquering for an upcoming showhouse...

I've got a gorgeous ming coffee table (with a story to tell, my fave kind of piece) coming to the shop... in a beautiful Kate Spade green. 

Here are a few more to whet your appetite...