the most expensive house in north carolina

No surprise, the most expensive home is in the mountains, in Biltmore Forest. And on the outside, it looks very similar to the big Biltmore.

I find the foyer a bit interesting. It's oddly quaint, given the rest of the home (uh, like the pool). But I do like that they have an oversized Asian statue. I've always wondered what people do with such things.

I'm really digging the camel room. It has color!

A wine cellar is on my list, even if it's really just a tiny dedicated wine fridge in the garage. But this... #goals 

More Asian everything in the big living room.

Call me crazy, but I actually prefer the little apartment (or it might be a wing of the master suite, can't tell). Swap the side chairs for something a little fluffier and HONEY, I'M HOME!!! 

Functional kitchen, again for the apartment.

Yep, simple is my speed. Although maybe not white appliances. But YES to a movie room.. I'd totally watch chick flicks and Real Housewives in here, with it's appropriately sized girlie TV.

What do you think? For $10.75? Sure. See the rest here.