Birthday, Bathroom, Battlestar Galactica

OK this post has nothing to do with Battlestar Galactica, but I'm on DayQuil and rando things pop into my mind.

Happy birthday, Violet! My furnugget is 8 years old today. Where has the time gone? She was just a teeny tiny five-week old puppy and now she's... well, not. But I still squeeze her and love her 800 times a day.

I'm home sick. It's the worst. Like, if I'm going to be home, can't I at least feel good so I can go spray paint something? Or Something? No. So instead I'm watching daytime TV (that'll make you appreciate your life) and blogging.

The new shop - which will open SOMETIME, but I've quit asking when - needs some bathroom love. It's a big bathroom that also houses the hot water heater. It's an old bathroom that has been well-used. The asbestos-laden tiles have been scraped up (safely) and now I'll have a sealed concrete floor. The walls are beat up and uneven. Wallpaper is a smashing solution. See here:

I looove this one... source

I looove this one... source

Oh man. I think some glossy drama with industrial floors will be just the thing. What paper has me drooling? You'll have to wait and see!