Friday Notes

It's Friday of Labor Day weekend. Anything fun on your calendar? In addition to dodging Hermine, I'll head down to my family's home in Belhaven for some R&R... much needed!

Last Friday, I pulled up to the house and noticed a note on my door. It looked like a note from someone's kitchen - not something scribbled on the back of a receipt because they were in a hurry. It said I hit them while I was backing out of my driveway, they pulled over to check the car, but I drove off like nothing was wrong. They called the police and filed a report. Would I please call them at this number? And they left no name. Hmm. 

See, the thing is... I drive a car with a back up camera and an extremely sensitive back up sensor. It never alerted me to hitting anything. I won't bore you with my CSI discoveries... but I will tell you I love calling the Raleigh Police Department. I JUST LOVE IT. The officers at the non-emergency line were having a silly day and they were helpful - they said there were no police reports from my street, if the incident had actually happened (which it didn't, duh), the police would track me down. Etc etc etc, don't answer the door if you're home alone, etc etc etc. Scammers! They'll try anything.

BUT TODAY... today I got a different kind of note. 

I was minding my own business and my phone dinged from a text. 

Hi there, I hope this isn't too fwd - but I was walking my dog and saw your new store front - googled it I am delighted and intrigued with your eye for design -

I was wondering if you may need any help setting up your new space - I have recently left my job as an Office Manager and was looking for something local and creative - I had been a florist for over 15 years and wanted to try something new - I really miss designing -

Anyway my name is [removed] and I live right around the corner in Cameron Village -

I would love to meet with you over coffee and see if I could be of service to you!!

Again apologize if I came on a little strong - just thought I would - put it out there- have a great (rainy) Labor Day weekend! 

Floored. Humbled. Shocked. Touched beyond touched. This little gray cubicle that I am currently sitting in is the exact polar opposite of how I am feeling inside... humongous, an explosion of color and emotion, anything but square. 

Friends. Thank you so much for reaching out. For loving me. For your support. For... everything. I cannot wait for this shop to open and for us to hang out together. I'm so overcome with all the feels.

Have a marvelous weekend.