Emily Cochran: Duke Presenter

In light of last night's WOLFPACK WIN... I feel the need to tell you that I can now say I have presented at Duke. 

Well, not really. But it's the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Duke. This class happened to be at the Judea Reform Congregation in Durham. So it's actually kind of a stretch, but it makes me feel smart. If lifelong learning interests you, google OLLI. They are everywhere and their course offering is impressive... everything from the biology of the sexes, to how to change your energy to attract what you seek in life, to Designing Your Downsize.

Which is where I come in. I have a friend who is wildly connected to all sorts of groups and she roped me in to giving "an hour and a half presentation about anything." What on earth? How do I narrow down that one? Welp. I design stuff. Mom and dad are downsizing. Downsizing is something lifelong learners are likely facing, or will face in the future. Hmmm, sounds good. Fa la la la la, powerpoint. But just some slides didn't seem like enough. Hmmm, something interactive.

Mood boards are nothing new in the design world. We make them all the time. They can help you focus on your style, what makes you happy, your favorite color combinations, etc. 

I asked for magazine donations (THANK YOU if you contributed), cut out countless photos and words, and turned the class loose. Take a look at some of the creativity!

DON'T YOU LOVE CRAFT TIME?! And these are not all... there were more boards that I wanted to sneak photos of, but didn't get the chance before they left the building. Creativity is inspiring. You don't have to be downsizing to make a board. Get to cuttin'!!!