Winter Blahs

Nope. We don't do 'em. 

It seems once all of the merry and bright goes away, January tries to smack you with cold, gray, blah, gloom, doom, womp. Case in point: Raleigh is going to get some snow this weekend. Depending on who you ask, we will get anywhere from 4"-6" (WRAL) or 5"-8" (The Weather Channel). Send Jim Cantore!!! 

Check out these cute snow boots I got from Target... kinda sporty chic. And with that fuzzy furry trim!? Yes! Wait, we're supposed to be talking about how much I don't like snow and the winter doldrums. Right! 

So to beat the Seasonal Affective Disorder, I'm prescribing lots of color, pattern, texture, and general feel-goodness. Come by the shop for your daily dose of Vitamin E, for Emily, obvs.

See here...