And so it begins...

July 9, 2004. My goal was to purchase and be in my house in time to turn 23 on July 23rd. I made it, with two weeks to spare. 

Nearly 13 years later... here we are. It's been a good run. I have LOVED my house and, for once, I am so glad that walls can't talk. 

I'm also glad that Violet can't talk, contrary to what she thinks..

I'm also glad that Violet can't talk, contrary to what she thinks..

I despise yard work. I don't want to deal with a broken this or that. Maintenance sucks a B. I'm not into it. Over the last few weeks, I've found myself at a crossroads. Queue Britney: I'm not a girl, not yet a woman/All I need is time, a moment that is mine.. Jk, jk. Quick, something else to fill my ear holes!

But the point is, I'm re-evaluating life and where I want to go and what I want to do. The shop is staying, I'm staying in town, but I need a fresh start and a change of scenery. A chance to purge all of my crap and get back to ME... (Myself and I is all I've got in the end.. Beyonce? Stop it with the early 2000s jams!).

So, downsizing. Who needs 1300sf when you only use three rooms? I want to be more central, get back to my ITB roots. I've been assured my house will sell like hotcakes. Pipe up if you're interested!

I've started with the purging of my office/stock room, which includes twelve Holiday Barbies. Santa brought them every year, starting with 1989... Taylor Swift... and all I ever wanted to do was rip the boxes open and play with them. That wasn't allowed, because these girls were supposed to pay for my college. As it turns out, they're not really all that valuable. You can often find them in junk shops for less than their original price tag. But I held onto them! In the back of the storage room. Just in case, one day. One day, what? So I put them on Instagram.

And within hours, they were all claimed. 

One girl was tagged by a friend. It turns out she collects Barbies, but she takes them out of the boxes and fluffs their dresses and enjoys them. She LOVED the top middle - so sassy! - and sent me a photo of Barbs in her new home. Another instagram-friend said she'd love to have one for her new baby girl's nursery. YES! Another instagram follower lives out of town, but she sent her mama to pick up a few... and her mama brought beautiful daffodils to express her thanks. 

Her thanks. For Barbies. That were sitting in my closet, collecting dust. Doing no one any good. 

Instead, giving them away has done me good. It's a wildly emotional time, parting from this home that has been a humungous part of me for so long. Knowing that my junk brings others joy... that's the secret. That's the medicine. That's the healing.

You support me in business, you support me in life. I am feeling so FULL right now. Thank you. Endless thanks to all of you.