Dramatic Cornices

Y'all. Lately I have seen cornice boards everywhere. Are we doing these again? You might say, "Duh, Emily, we never stopped." But I never started, because I've always hated them. However, they are becoming increasingly harder to ignore.

Let's focus on things I love: drama. layers. the unexpected. pops of pattern and color.

Let's focus on things cornices can do: add drama. add layers. add the unexpected. add pops of pattern and color.

F*ck. Maybe I do like cornices and just didn't want to admit it. OKAY, just look at these and decide for yourself...

hello, lil iggy/whippet/sighthound! source

hello, lil iggy/whippet/sighthound! source

I'm not saying I love them. I'm not saying I'll put them in your house if you ask for my design assistance. I am saying there might be a strong possibility I'm not hating them. What do y'all think?